Cancer Prevention Tips

Some cancers can actually be prevented with increased knowledge of this either by physicians or lay people. We can imitate, healthy communities effort endorsed by the United States. In 2010, the United States aims to reduce the number of cancer patients around the third through prevention efforts, such as:

Healthy eating habits

It has frequently been informed that fruits, vegetables and low-fat diet can prevent the onset of cancer by 20%.

Sports Activities

Brisk walking at least 30 minutes per day with a frequency of 3-5 days per week, teijadinya can prevent many diseases, including cancer.

Alcohol consumption

For those who like to drink alcohol and its derivatives, please pay attention to the tolerance limit. Cause, high alcohol consumption can increase the risk of breast cancer and gastrointestinal cancer.


Cigarettes are the cause of one third of cancer that occurs. Cigarettes in addition to causing lung cancer, can also cause the cancer to other types, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. Complete information, see Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 in this book that explains about the second cancer.

Vitamin E

Consumption of vitamin E, should be followed by consumption of vitamin C and vitamin A and some minerals antioxidants. Complete information, see Chapter 9 which describes the Antioxidant Network.

Circumcision / circumcision
Women who have sex with men are not circumcised have a high risk of cervical cancer.

Early detection
Besides triggered by carcinogenic substances (which cause cancer), there are also cancer occurring hereditary or genetic. For example, breast cancer, ovarian, and colon. Therefore, for those who have relatives / relatives who suffer from cancer types mentioned above, should be actively examined din (early detection), in order to find out quickly if he gets the same disease. The same advice given to those who often have multiple sexual partners (or have a spouse who did it), smoking, and risky activities increase the incidence of other cancers.

One factor that could facilitate the occurrence of breast cancer is the length of women exposed to the hormone estrogen. This means that the longer the period of productive age (the age where a woman is still menstruating Why did Lami) higher risk than those with the productive age on average. In other words, the young age of a woman's first menstruation, relatively more at risk of developing breast cancer.


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