Hyperthermia therapy: Baking Cancer

Hyperthermia therapy (also called termoterapi, then we call hyperthermia alone) is a cancer treatment by heating the tissue until it reaches 44o even 45oC. Research shows that high temperatures can destroy and kill cancer cells, with minimal damage to normal tissue. By destroying the structure of proteins and cells, hyperthermia can kill cancer cells and reduce tumor size.

Hyperthermia is usually used in conjunction with other therapies, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy, because hyperthermia can make cancer cells more sensitive, even to directly destroy cancer cells that can not be destroyed by radiation.

There are many methods used for hyperthermia. Based on the treated area, consisting of local hyperthermia, regional hyperthermia, and hyperthermia total (whole body).
Local Hyperthermia

In local hyperthermia heating performed on a limited area, in this case the cancer tissue. Heat source is used, among others, microwave (microwave), radio waves (radio frequency), and high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound).

For cancers located on the surface of the body or near the skin, heat-producing equipment placed near the tumor, then the wave beam is directed to an area you want heated. If the cancer is located in or around the holes of the body (eg, esophagus or rectum), the heat source is inserted into it using a special tool for direct heating of the target. This technique is called intraluminal or endocavitary hyperthermia.

Medium if the location of the tumor deep within the body, for example in brain cancer, the technique used is interstitial. The patient was sedated, then a special needle or injected into the middle of the heater cancer tissues with ultrasound or CT guidance equipment (computed tomography). The radio waves emitted would heat and kill cancer cells in the vicinity.

Regional hyperthermia

Regional hyperthermia aims to heat larger areas of the body such as the arms, legs, organs, and the channels of the body. There are several techniques used. The first technique for cancers near the hole or along the lines of the body such as cancer of the mouth / neck of the uterus, uterine cancer, bladder cancer, etc.. Heater placed near the hole or in the channel and heat emission of microwaves or radio waves are directed into the targeted cancerous tissue.

The second technique of regional perfusion, to treat cancer in the arms and legs, or in organs such as liver and lung. How, some patients blood removed, heated, then pumped back into the arms, legs, or organs. This technique is usually performed in conjunction with chemotherapy.

The third technique is CHPP (continuous hyperthermic peritoneal perfusion), used to treat cancer in the abdominal cavity as peritoneal mesothelioma. During surgery, chemotherapy drugs are heated and then poured into the abdominal cavity, so that its temperature reaches 41.1 to 42.2 oC.
Hyperthermia Total

For cancer that has metastasis (spread) throughout the body, hyperthermia is a total (whole body hyperthermia). Patients covered with electric blankets or hot water, or inserted into the heat chamber (a kind of incubator) to make its body temperature rises to 41.7 to 43.8 oC.

Hyperthermia therapy proven to improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Many locations that can be achieved, among other things in the head and neck cancer, breast cancer, lung, liver, stomach, cervix, colon, uterus, prostate, skin, bone. Type of cancer that can be treated also all kinds, from adenocarcinoma, melanoma, carcinoma, thymoma, mesothelioma, lymphoma, sarcoma, squamous cell, alkaline cell.

Hyperthermia treatment carried out 2-3 times a week, and each series consists of 6-10 times the therapy. Its effectiveness depends on the extent of body temperature had increased, how long successfully defended, while also depending on the characteristics of the treated cells and tissues. During the treatment temperature is continuously monitored using a thermometer mini, for the desired temperature can be achieved but not exceeded. Artificial heat is maintained for one hour.

Side Effects of Hyperthermia
Hyperthermia therapy is generally not cause damage to normal tissue / healthy if the temperature does not exceed 43.8 oC. But the difference in the character of the network can lead to temperature differences or side effects on body tissues are different. What often happens is feeling the heat (like fire), swollen with fluid (mlenthung-Jw), uncomfortable, even sick.

Perfusion techniques can cause tissue swelling, blood clotting, bleeding, or other disturbances in the area treated. But side effects are temporary. Moderate whole body hyperthermia can cause more serious side effects are rare-but-such as heart and blood vessel abnormalities. Sometimes the side effects appear even diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.


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